Season 1: The Age of Independents

The Age of Independents, Will Gibbs, Modica Micro Industries

November 14, 2018
Will Gibbs from Modica Micro Industries is using technology to open up new opportunities for small-scale manufacturing driven by creativity and automation

My guest today is Will Gibbs from Modica Micro Industries.

Will's a mechanical engineer with a wicked creative streak. His business is a grand vision for creating new spaces for small-scale manufacturing that are powered by technology and automation. Will has been working at the bleeding edge of these technologies for years and he shares his take on the possibilites they open up.

As you're listening to the show, be sure to check out the images on the Modica site, particularly the modules that Will and his team have designed and built. All of those modules have been made using standard shipping containers, so they are cheap, readily available and totally interchangeable.

Before starting Modica, Will ran a manufacturing services business, Corvus and Columba, which worked with small manufacturers who made everything from cookies to tofu to clothes to refrigerator magnets. It was his years in that services business that gave him the insights into how local manufacturing was changing and would continue to change. Specifically it gave him a vision for how technology could help augment people's capabilities by removing repetitive tasks and freeing them to do other work.

Will's vision at Modica is for a totally modular and flexible workspace of the future, one that he and his team have already started building today.