Season 1: The Age of Independents

The all-new

September 5, 2018
This is our first show! In it, I'll talk a little bit about why I'm starting this podcast and what it's all about. I'll also give an overview of my business,, and our mission of making it easier for anyone to successfully plan, launch and run their own business.

Last spring, we launched the beta of, a new kind of platform designed to help anyone, anywhere, to start and run their own business.

That’s something that millions of us do each year, but until now we’ve been left on our own to discover even the most basic tips, tricks and tools. I started because I believed there had to be a better way – and I’m pleased to say the response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

We’ve trialed our platform with both online users and in live workshops, and we've learned a huge amount about what drives small business owners, and about the challenges that these independent entrepreneurs face as they do the hard work of planning, launching, and running their own businesses.

Now, we’re ready to share what we’ve learned with a wider audience. Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of the all-new a step towards a better way of doing things for all independent businesspeople.

The new site is packed with handy Guides with in-depth explanations of crucial business concepts; more Marketplace reviews to help you find the best tools for the tasks you face; and a customized Market Report that will help you understand the industry you’re trying to break into.

We’ve also added a custom Action Plan that will walk you through everything you need to plan, launch, and run a business. Tell us a little bit about your idea and your goals, and we’ll generate a fully customized plan to help you reach your dreams.

Finally, I’m excited to announce our new podcast: The Age of Independents. In each show, I’ll be talking with people who have gone independent. They’ve got great stories to share, and they all have something to teach on topics like marketing, distribution, people management, market research and more. You can hear the trailer now, and next week we’ll be putting out the first full-length show featuring Bryan Mitchener of Stocked.

Everything’s free except for the Action Plan. To get that, you’ll need to become a member, which will cost you $10/month or $100/year. We think that's great value: check out our FAQs for more info.

If you’re starting or running your own business, or have dreams about doing so someday, we hope you’ll check out Because being independent doesn’t have to mean being alone.

Michael Megalli
Founder and CEO,