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This service covers employee hiring/onboarding, payroll, benefits management and access to a local benefits advisor—all for free (it earns revenue via commissions from insurance providers on its platform). It serves small businesses across industries and offers several integrations with third-party tools.

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What sets it apart

  • The price: Very few platforms offer robust HR services for free to small businesses
  • Benefits advisors: Access digital and local benefits advisors
  • Compliance tools: Tools to ensure tax, employment, benefits and PTO compliance
  • All-in-one HR: Automated employee hiring/onboarding, payroll and benefits
  • Integrations: Integrates with popular third-party software like Slack and Quickbooks


  • Free

    (Costs for purchasing benefits plans are handled separately.)


Founded in Houston in 2015, GoCo is seeking to disrupt the online HR industry with a platform for small businesses that offers employee hiring/onboarding, payroll and benefits support for free (they earn revenue through commissions from insurance carriers). They have raised $1.6 million in funding and support over 1,000 companies.

What sets GoCo apart is the price—it’s hard to beat free—and it offers the core services that most small businesses need: automated employee onboarding, employee self-service portal, employee data and reports, benefits selection and support (keep your existing benefits or get new ones), payroll services (including integration with third-party apps) and compliance tools. It lacks some of the bells and whistles of other services—there’s no attendance tracking, job applicant tracking or performance review management—but that’s likely what makes it affordable for independent business owners.


  • Access your account from anywhere with a mobile app for both iOS and Android
  • Self-service portal: Automated employee onboarding + employee access to accounts to update info and request/track PTO
  • All-in-one-HR: Covers a broad range of HR concerns: hiring/onboarding, payroll, benefits administration and compliance
  • Payroll integration: Integrates easily with popular third-party apps like QuickBooks
  • Slack integration: Integrates with the popular communication app for teams
  • Expert benefits support: Whether transferring existing benefits or getting new ones, you can speak to a local or digital benefits advisor
  • Compliance management: Digitally stores, organizes and verifies compliance documents (tax, employment, benefits and PTO)
  • Freemium model that allows small/independent business owners to access online HR services for free, unless they want/need to purchase benefits for their team