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Wave online accounting software is for businesses smaller than 10 employees and sole proprietors. The software is free to use and the company makes it money through the sale of additional services.

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What sets it apart

  • Free, simple accounting software
  • Branded invoices
  • Additional, fee-based services


The online accounting software, including bookkeeping, invoicing, payments, and receipt tracking, is free. Its services – credit card processing and payroll management – run

  • $15/month


Founded in Canada in 2009, Wave is an online accounting software and services site for micro businesses (10 employees or less) and sole proprietors, offering primarily free resources and a dashboard that makes it easy to customize the various tools to your business’s needs.

Like ZipBooks, Wave offers online software for things like invoicing, payments, bookkeeping, and receipt tracking. It also partnered with OnDeck to offer a lending platform for businesses with over $75K in annual revenue. In terms of services, Wave also offers payroll processing and credit card payments for a monthly fee. Beware that Wave generates revenue through ads that display in the app that can create a sometimes frustrating experience. It’s also still lacking in customer support. That being said, for solo-preneurs, Wave may be a solid choice.


Wave is online accounting software designed specifically for sole proprietors and small businesses. Here’s what sets it apart from its competitors for this target audience:

  • Easy to use dashboard that offers clear and quick access Transactions, Invoices, Bills, Receipts, and Reports
  • Customizable tools (especially invoices) that let you represent your business with your own branding
  • Time-saving features, particularly around automatic billing, invoicing, and data syncing with financial institutions
  • Affordable access to business services including lending, payroll management, and credit card processing